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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

Meet The Jewelry Asset Services Team:

The (J.A.S.) Team includes specialists in commercial applications for internet sales portal placements, brand management, IT platform integrations, insurance industry risk management and sales, bank financing, bank mergers and acquisitions, equity capital, bank regulatory compliance, wholesale and retail jewelry industry. 

Management and Advisory Team Includes:

Peter Malnekoff:

is a fourth-generation jeweler of the wholesale and retail jewelry industry. He is the inventor of Diamond Inspector, the first internet based diamond and gemstone  evaluation system based on the U.S. Patent issued to him in 2001, U.S. Patent # 6304853. Mr. Malnekoff has pioneered other financial services for the jewelry industry including Insure Jewelry Now, the first patent pending automated consumer jewelry insurance processing system. Jewelry Asset Services expands upon the original patent with new intellectual property and trade secrets that empowers high net worth important gemstone and jewelry acquisitions for high net worth investors. Commercial applications include supply chain internet jewelry sales and brand placement services, for the commercial jewelry industry and internet sales portals. 

Dr. PL deSilva:

Dr. PL de Silva is an experienced international trade adviser with a global network developed over the last 25 years.  He is currently, Director at the Institute for Strategic Studies and Democracy (ISSD) in Malta (2014 to the present).  He is also Partner together with Lord Daniel Brennan QC, Admiral Norman Hayes (U.S. Navy - Retired) and Thomas Halikias (former UBS Managing Director) in Light Horse Partners LLC, a strategic business and security consulting firm in New York that includes trade finance, cyber security and global affairs.  Previously, Dr. de Silva was Advisor to the CEO of Thani Investments LLC in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (2012-2015).  He also served as First Officer, Executive Office of the Secretary General (EOSG) and Senior Adviser Global Impact for the United Nations in New York (2002-2005). Dr. de Silva serves as Adviser to Jewelry Asset Services on global sourcing, logistics and monetization of gemstones, diamonds, precious metals, and jewelry assets.

Jeffrey David:

Mr. David is a diamond cutting manufacturer and wholesaler located in New York City. Mr David was previously involved with WB David & Co, former DeBeers DTC sightholders and diamond manufacturers for over 30 years. Mr. David helped launch The Leading Jewelers of The World trade association. He currently advises Jewelry Asset Services on on internet brand sales and strategic high net worth gemstone sales. 

Jewelry Asset Services has selected broker partners in New York, London, Tel Aviv and Sri Lanka that assist in the discreet sales of high net worth gemstones, diamonds, and wristwatches.  

 MVP Global Media

Management Team

Derrick Williams of DirrectConnect Music Agency

´╗┐Derrick Williams brings over 20 years of music industry relationships to the MVP Global Media Team.  Mr. Williams has extensive expertise in studio lab music production, music finance, music and video distribution, celebrity endorsement marketing, with deep entertainment industry relationships.  He is the director of music production, strategic planning and artist relationships for MVP Global Media. 

David M. Szostak: Former Director of Marketing at Music Dealers 

Mr. Szostak is currently the Director of Diamond Strategies LLC, a Chicago based  technology consulting company. He is a data systems visionary, with expertise in innovating procedures in software development, integrating sales and partner resources, and managing complex worldwide product marketing campaigns. As the Director of  Diamond Strategies LLC in Chicago, he has participated in many entrepreneurial technology companies including Music Dealers, as the Director of Marketing and Business Development.  

Marty Bernstein:   

Mr. Bernstein has been a film and video editor for television commercial advertising and movie editing production for over 30 years.  For over three decades he has worked as an award winning editor for national and international ad agencies such as Leo Burnett, DDB Needham, J Walter Thompson and Foote Cone Belding. His high profile accounts include commercials for Mcdonald's, Hallmark, Disney, Red Lobster, Budweiser, and others. He was the executive producer and promotions content editor for the History Channel On Doc / Reality Show Great Lakes Warriors. He developed the show concept for over two years, brought it to market, one year in production and post-production supervision and promotional content editor. He is currently working as editor on independent short form dramatic narrative content and sports / music productions for major television network. He has been a professor as adjunct faculty for cinema editing discipline at Columbian College in Chicago and Depaul University for over 15 years. Mr. Bernstein is director of MVP Global Media music video and live performance video production and post editing for pay per view and streaming content.

Jacques Preis:

is currently CEO of Swap-O-Rama, a Chicago based United States real estate management company. Mr. Preis was a practicing tax attorney and CPA, formerly with CJBS boutique accounting firm www.cjbs.com He began his professional career with the internal revenue service followed by serving as senior tax partner in three different international accounting firms including Touche Ross and Deloitte. He brings his experience to (J.A.S.) in corporate restructuring, estate and gift tax issues, structuring business acquisistions, real estate transactions & financial agreements.