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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

MVP Global Media LLC

MVP Global Media LLC is a content marketing management agency specializing in music production, music label distribution services, podcast creation, corporate marketing advertising agency and content asset monetization.

MVP Global Media LLC content production management services

for corporate sponsors and artists include:

(a) Marketing advertising agency that enhances the reach of the corporate brand names

(b) Music production including concept, genre, studio production, mixing, and record label services

(c) Podcast and video interviews of current and former NFL players, their music tastes linked to created playlists 


(d) Virtual reality event production, streaming music concert events and music platform distribution

(e) Content licensing and sales brokers, assisting content owners with monetization of legacy content

(f) Corporate sponsorship brand name product endorsements using celebrity artists and NFL players

(g) Jewelry and merchandise collections designed and branded for the entertainment celebrity brand name

  The MVP Global Media LLC management team can be reached at: