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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

Celebrity Merchandise Collections

Division of Jewelry Asset Services (JAS)

Celebrity Merchandise Collections (CMC) Team

has developed an end-to-end jewelry merchandise sales marketing system

for the music, entertainment and sports industry. 

The (CMC) Team has expanded merchandise offerings to

include all merchandise branded to the entertainment brand name.

The services we provide combines the talents of:

(a) Digital advertising marketing agency

(b) Social media customer interactive sales designs

(c) Music production and streaming music platforms

(d) Celebrity artist and entertainment brand endorsements

e) Jewelry collections designed for the celebrity

f) Selected merchandise branded to the Entertainment Brand Name

The Celebrity Merchandise Collections Team greatly enhances the reach of the celebrity brand name.

The turn-key system applies to jewelry collections and all branded merchandise created exclusively for the Celebrity and all Celebrity branded merchandise categories. 

The (CMC) Team is in partnership with one of the largest internet sales portals

with over 40 million U.S. Consumers and over 20 million in 11 countries (EU-Asia)   

The sales system has complete audit transparency throughout the entire supply chain, for protection of entertainment brand partnerships and investor security and celebrity brand management

  The Celebrity Merchandise Management Team Includes:

  • Derrick Williams (COO) (DirrectConnect): Artist Relationships & Music Production
  •   Taylor Gaines (CMO) (SocialGaines): Social Media Interactive Marketing  
  •   Peter Malnekoff (CEO): Jewelry Industry Liasion, Design and Manufacturing, Supply Chain,  Logistics 
  • Ron Slaughter: Director of Security and Operations

Details of Celebrity Merchandise Collections Branded Turnkey System.

The same process is applied to all merchandise in addition to jewelry collections:

Submitting desired jewelry designs to be approved by the celebrity, brand name and trademark use, legal partnership agreements, supply chain management of the jewelry manufacturing from factory to Internet retailer to consumer, determining different price points for the jewelry designs from precious metal and gemstone to stainless steel, internet sales and marketing of the jewelry collection and promoting the brand name, timing public appearances with Internet sales promotions, cross promotional marketing between concert, event and social media with the Internet sales and marketing of the jewelry collection, transparency throughout the entire supply chain, control of sales and distribution for protection of the celebrity brand name, sales auditing, and more.